Welcome to Assam Bearing

Machine Reliability – Assam Bearing’s daily mission

Our aim is to make a decisive contribution to the industries in rotating equipment performance and to meet practically any requirement from linear to circular and heavy duty to XYZ systems

Since our inception from 1965, we have built a knowledge-based organization to provide innovative and value based products, solutions and services to our customers. Building the organization on high values like Trust, Ethics, Honesty and Integrity, we have grown from roots to a promising future.

We have shown leadership in all domains of management and have developed our strong team in technical expertise, diligent work style and professional approach in propelling the company forward to achieve ambitious and exponential growth.

With a strong focus on delivering quality, the management has diversified the product offerings range to ensure that all our clients get complete solution for their rotating equipment, lubrication equipment and linear motion systems. Our every effort imbibes the best of international quality standards, management systems and practices and world’s leading technologies in each product line. Consequently we have earned numerous, well-deserved recognitions from SKF, and also the goodwill of a large customer base of leading majors. Today, we are one of the leading and most professionally managed, and highly respected industrial distributors for the world’s best industrial brands.